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ICE Germany was founded in 1986 and specializes in the purchase, trade, and export of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and their components. Our company offers a range of products, including both new and high-quality refurbished machines, as well as a variety of new and used components.

Beyond Borders

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Decades of Dedication

Since 1986

Circular Economy

Nachhaltige Solutions

Continuous Stock Renewal Model

Our business model revolves around continuously acquiring new stock and rapidly reintroducing it into the market. This approach ensures that we always have a variety of products in circulation from different manufacturers, offering a broad spectrum of everything related to refrigeration technology.

Continuous investment in purchasing machinery and machine parts has resulted in a comprehensive and diverse inventory. This strategy allows us to promptly respond to customer requirements, providing and installing the necessary climate control, refrigeration, or air technology equipment and components efficiently.

Quality Assurance in Every Piece of Equipment We Sell

We place a strong emphasis on the quality and longevity of our equipment. Our team, which includes specially trained professionals, is dedicated to the regular maintenance and repair of our technology. We are not tied to any specific manufacturers, allowing us to stock a wide range of products from various brands.

This diversity in our inventory ensures that our technicians are experienced in handling a broad spectrum of machines, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to solve any problem. We ensure that all used refrigeration machines are in excellent condition before they are sold.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

Have a question or need expert advice? Our team is just a click away. Visit our Contact page for all the details you need to reach out to us at I.C.E. Germany. We’re here to assist you with your refrigeration and cooling equipment inquiries.

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